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JGMA Training

JGMA Show Jumping


Our training program is geared towards the competitive hunter, jumper and equitation rider. We offer a full care board and training program lead by Joie Gatlin and Morley Abey. JGMASJ’s programs teaches clients to the tools they need to be successful in the show ring. We have a very active show schedule and travel year round to 'A' Rated shows throughout the country. 

Whether you are looking to become a Grand Prix rider some day, qualify for Maclay Finals at the end of the year or just enjoy showing your horse at the top level, then we are the program for you. Our attention to detail and dedication to the horses is what makes us stand out from other riding programs. The care of our horses is at the top of our priority list and our staff is some of the best in the country. 

Let us help you reach your goals!

Full Training


Sales, Purchases, Leases

Travel Expenses

Client shall be responsible for all costs incurred, by the Trainer or their agent, in the pursuit of a purchase, sale or lease, regardless of whether or not a purchase, sale or lease is consummated. Representative costs may include transportation, hotel, meals, telephone calls, postage and delivery, etc.

Trainer Per Diem

This per diem applies when trainer is required to travel in the pursuit of sale, purchase or lease of horse. Fifty percent (50%) of total per diem will be credited to commission at the close of sale, purchase or lease, if a transaction is completed at the end of this trip. This per diem in not applicable when trainer and/or client tries horses at shows at which they are competing.


Flat percentage of sale, purchase or lease price.


Payment is due at consummation of transaction with late charges of 5% accruing after 15 days from that date.

Horse Show Fees

Kate Hovland at Young Riders
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